Thai courses

The SLS Thai language programme can be taken by progressing through courses of 20 hours each.

Our Beginner course (progresses from level 1 to level 2):
It provides you with "Basic Thai" which includes: tones, sound markers, easy sentences, sentence construction, using an "ABC style" phonics structure. An optional "Thai Writing" course has been introduced for those who wish to study all facets of the Thai language.

Our Intermediate course (progresses from level 3 to level 4):

It provides you with "Thai easy communication" ( to find your way around Thailand) and "Talk like a Thai" (special Thai ways of speaking i.e. phrases and idioms etc). This level provides you with an introductory module to practise conversation in each hourly lessons.
Two optional courses are provided to learners who choose to progress their "Thai Writing" and develop "Everyday reading".

Our Advanced course (progresses from level 5 to level 6):
It is designed to help you become a more competent, adaptable and strategic user of Thai who can carry out complex tasks whether speaking, listening, reading or writing. This is ccomplished through more advanced hourly "conversation" sessions. Those choosing to study "Reading" progress to an advanced stage.

Speaking Conversation Writing Reading
1 Thai basic 1
2 Thai basic 2 Thai writing 1
3 Thai easy
Thai writing 2 Everyday reading
4 Talk like a Thai Conversation 1 Thai writing 3 General reading 1
5 Conversation 2 General reading 2
6 Conversation 3 Advanced reading

Classes from 6th October to 6th Nov, 2014
10.00-11.00 Thai basic 1 3,000 baht / 20 hours
11.00-12.00 Thai easy communication 3,000 baht / 20 hours
14.00-15.00 Conversation 1 3,000 baht / 20 hours

School Students:
Study Thai - Support / Tutoring Classes - 3,000 baht / 20 hours
Saturday 10.00-12.00 Seniors: 14 and over
13.00-15.00 Juniors to 13
Sunday 10.00-12.00 Seniors: 14 and over
13.00-15.00 Juniors to 13